Many companies and organisations feel a strong need for a more practical approach to the IT governance process. The frameworks commonly used for this purpose, such as CobiT and Val IT, originated in the auditing sector and many organisations experience them as too complex. Furthermore, these frameworks have primarily been developed from a conformance perspective, so that there is a risk of overlooking the performance aspect.

DYA|Governance is the outcome of our experiences in the area of IT governance and architecture since the publication of our first DYA book in 2001. As an approach, it satisfies the need for simplicity in the actual execution of IT governance. It comprises a process model containing no more than five IT governance processes. Architecture is not the only field relevant to the governance process. Other fields like portfolio management play an equally important role. In other words, DYA|Governance is both a lean approach to the governance process and a response to the market’s demand for simpler IT governance solutions.

Starting from the performance – and only then adding the conformance elements – results in a highly manageable structure that furthermore satisfies today’s increasingly strict requirements in the area of compliance. In our experience, 80 to 90 percent of the governance structure is ready after the five governance processes have been implemented and integrated. Frameworks that are more complex and extensive, like CobiT, Val IT and Risk IT, can subsequently be used where required to determine what is still lacking in terms of processes and controls.

5 Governance processes