DYA|Infrastructure is a set of best practices for the architectures of an organisation’s IT infrastructure. The IT infrastructure needs to comply with the requirements set by the business: flexibility, reliability and cost efficiency. Such a foundation is essential to the future-proof development of the IT facilities. A reliable and consistent infrastructure increases your organisation’s ability to take action and improves its manoeuvrability. Through DYA|Infrastructure, Sogeti offers a unique method that enables the application of architectural models and principles to your infrastructure.

DYA|Infrastructure has three core elements:

  1. Connection to and reinforcement of the architectural process by means of infrastructure architecture.
  2. A unique meta-model for the factoring and structuring of infrastructure landscapes and architectural products: the Building Blocks model.
  3. A strong footing in the shape of concrete and transferable architecture products and a description regarding how they can be composed.

The Building Block model

The Building Block model

The Building Block model enables your organisation to develop functional and pattern-based models for your infrastructure. These models are technology-neutral and therefore widely debatable. But they are also concrete enough to provide direction to the realisation processes. Since the Building Block model defines infrastructure solutions in modular terms, it promotes the standardisation, reuse and consolidation of facilities. In part thanks to the adoption of recognisable quality attributes, the result is useful and effective communication with both the business and the information architects. This way, DYA|Infrastructure can reinforce the architectural process in general.

Effective approach

DYA|Infrastructure is geared towards the realisation of an infrastructure that can be widely implemented and that is easy to manage. As a result, it naturally connects to an organisation’s service and operational management. To this end, DYA|Infrastructure has adopted specific architectural products and procedures. The result is an implementation of architectural models and principles that yields tangible results and functions smoothly within the organisation.
The methodology of DYA|Infrastructure is described in the book DYA|Infrastructuur, architectuur voor de fundering van de IT (‘DYA|Infrastructure, architecture for providing a foundation for your IT’). This book is part of Sogeti’s range of DYA publications. In addition, you can access an online library for infrastructure architecture, the DYA|Infrastructure Repository.