Dynamic Enterprise Architecture - How to make it work

Roel Wagter, Martin van den Berg, Joost Luijpers, Marlies van Steenbergen

Hands-on tools for implementing, designing, and managing a successful architectural process within a corporation.

Enterprise architecture holds the key to an organization's success. Yet for many companies, the promised benefits of IT architecture still elude them. Dynamic Enterprise Architecture provides readers with a better understanding of the processes involved in successfully employing architectural thinking and empowers them with the instruments to analyze their own situations and identify points of improvement.

ISBN: 0-471-68272-1

Building an Enterprise Architecture Practice

Martin van den Berg, Marlies van Steenbergen

Is your enterprise architecture making a difference? Does it contribute to the goals of your company? Are the architects your best paid employees? If you are striving for a full-hearted yes to these questions, this is the book for you.

Building an Enterprise Architecture Practice provides practical advice on how to develop your enterprise architecture practice. The authors developed different tools and models to support organizations in implementing and professionalizing an enterprise architecture function. The application of these tools and models in many different organizations forms the basis of this book. The result is a hands on book that will help you to avoid certain pitfalls and achieve success with enterprise architecture.

ISBN: 978-1-4020-5605-5

SOA for Profit – a Manager’s Guide to Success with Service Oriented Architecture

Martin van den Berg, Norbert Bieberstein, Erik van Ommeren

SOA for Profit explains the value and essence of Service Oriented Architecture. It makes SOA practical and pragmatic: turning models and vision into an actionable approach to start doing SOA in projects that deliver business value. It emphasizes the importance of governance and architecture and shows that a broad vision of SOA is essential for deriving benefits from it. This book will bridge the gap between business and IT by providing tools and a common language that can be used when starting up a strategic dialogue that is the basis of business drive IT. Written by a team of authors from Sogeti and IBM, SOA for Profit is a real-world book: based on experiences with real companies and real projects.

ISBN: 978-90-75414-14-1

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Seize the Cloud – A Manager’s Guide to Success with Cloud Computing

Erik van Ommeren, Martin van den Berg

Seize the Cloud will serve as your guide through the business and enterprise architecture aspects of Cloud Computing. In a down-to-earth way, Cloud is woven into the reality of running an organization, managing IT and creating value with technology. This book has a positive note without turning evangelical or overly optimistic: it does not shy away from the barriers that could stand in the way of adoption. As a final dose of reality, eleven cases can be found in between the chapter in which leading organizations share insights gained from their experience with Cloud.

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ISBN: 978-90-75414-32-5