DYA is primarily geared towards enabling an organisation to work within an architectural structure. The books written about DYA describe a variety of practical instruments.

The best-known DYA instrument is the so-called Project Start Architecture (PSA). You can find a template of the PSA by clicking this link. The PSA is drawn up to guarantee that new developments and changes are realised in a cohesive manner and that they fit within the desired future information management structure and systems. The PSA translates the total architecture to address the specific situation of the project.

Other DYA instruments for which we have currently developed a template are the vision document, the architectural plan of action and the communication matrix.
The vision document describes our views on working within an architectural structure and can help you to obtain a clear picture of the architecture’s added value within your organisation.
The development of the architectural models and principles is another activity that can be facilitated by a methodical approach. A useful aid in this context is the template for drawing up a plan of action for an architectural assignment.
In the course of his or her work, the architect has to deal with a large number of stakeholder interests. Performing a stakeholder analysis and drawing up a communication matrix are both vital activities when handling an architectural assignment, and this template can provide the necessary support.