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  • Robert Deckers (Ask Robert a question)

Robert Deckers is Principal Software Architect and has been working for over twelve years in the field of enterprise, information, application and solution architecture. His key strengths are identifying key themes and trends and structuring innovative solutions, in combination with good social and communication skills. Robert has gained extensive experience working on the interface between business and IT.

  • Daniël Jumelet (Ask Daniël a question)

Daniël Jumelet has applied himself to research into the implementation of infrastructure architecture. He is a specialist in the field of network technology and information security. In addition, he is able to deal with infrastructure and the importance of infrastructure for operational management at the functional analysis level.

  • Daniël Smits (Ask Daniël a question)

Daniël Smits is management consultant specialized in IT governance- and enterprise architecture. Daniël has gained much experience in complex, mostly strategic, projects covering the interface between business and ICT. He is pragmatic and can expertly translate strategic targets into actions. His specialisms include IT governance, portfolio management, enterprise architecture, information planning, information management and the translation of strategy (business-IT alignment).

  • Marlies van Steenbergen (Ask Marlies a question)

Marlies van Steenbergen is Principal Consultant Enterprise Architecture at Sogeti Netherlands B.V. In this capacity, she helps organisations to structure and professionalise their architectural function.