DYA News

Launching the English version of DYA book II

November 22 and 23 the annual Dutch Architecture Convention (LAC2006) will be held in Nieuwegein (the Netherlands).

On this occasion Sogeti will present the English version of the second book on DYA: "Building an Enterprise Architecture - Practice".

Sogeti is Platinum sponsor of the Convention.

Swedish CSN has chosen for DYA    

CSN is the national authority that handles the Swedish financial aid for students; i.e. loans and grants for studies.
Five CSN-architects recently visited the Netherlands and attended a two-day course on DYA by Joost Luypers, senior consultant architecture of Sogeti Netherlands.

During a Swedish Architecture Congress the head of the CSN-architecture met Martin van den Berg and they have discussed the DYA-methodology. "I saw light at the end of the tunnel", he stated, "that's why we are here in Vianen".
In his training Joost Luypers did not used a ficticious casus, but the actual CSN situation. So -at the end of day 2- the five Swedish architects went home with lots of new experiences and knowledge, that is directly applicable in their organization.
From now on DYA is leading in their daily work.
Sogeti consultants will visit Sundsvall (Sweden) next year (2007) in order to review the results of the CSN-DYA project.

Good review on the (first) DYA book

In the September-2005 issue the Business Intelligence Journal published a review by Cass Brewer (editorial and research director for the IT Compliance Institute) on the DYA book "Dynamic Enterprise Architecture, How to Make It Work".

Brewer's review ends with the following lines: "At the end of the day, Dynamic Enterprise Architecture is an innovative, well-written, and relevant work despite its flaws. As the reach and the complexity of IT environments grow, companies must increasingly move to standardize, align, and integrate IT and business processes. This book presents one of the few architectural models that validates the role and reality of non-standards-based development within a broader architectural framework. Moreover, it belongs to a limited genre that offers a comprehensive vision backed by tangible tools for its realization".

For the complete text of the review please click here.